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Granite Falls Fire Department

Fire Department Fire Fighter Position Description


Firefighters serving on the Granite Falls Fire Department will be required to answer calls at all hours of the day, including weekends. A normal year includes 55 to 60 fire calls. Serving on the department will also require meeting at least two nights per month for training and general membership meetings. It will also include an occasional weekend for fire department purposes. These meetings and training sessions are in addition to responding to fire calls. During the first year probationary period, individuals will be required to begin training courses as stated in the policies. The training classes are held on weeknights and normally meet once or twice a week. These classes are usually held in adjacent cities and will be made available as soon as possible by the training officer.


During the probationary period the firefighter will be evaluated on a regular basis. At the end of the probationary period, the applicant will be evaluated to determine whether he/she will be eligible for regular membership with the department. Prior to completion of the second year of service on the department, the firefighter must have successfully completed training as stated in the policies.




The work requires:

  1. The ability to handle adverse working conditions including

extreme temperatures, confined spaces, high altitudes, emergencies and a wide range of manual work, including the ability to operate different pieces of fire- fighting equipment.

  1. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships

          with fellow firefighters, supervisors and the public.

  1. Possess sufficient physical strength and agility to perform lifting

and moving of heavy equipment; climb, reaching overhead, bending down and entry of confined spaces.

  1. Ability to be available for responding to fire calls when needed.
  2. Able to attend training sessions and department meetings as

          required by the department.








Examples of work are:


  1. To respond to fire calls in a safe and reasonable mariner.
    1. Drive fire-fighting vehicles.
    2. Operate fire apparatus.
      1. Wear Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (S.C.B.A).
      2. Enter burning structures when directed.
      3. Carry and lay hose.
      4. Roll up hose.
        1. Carry and operate portable pump cans.
        2. Climb ladders.
          1. Enter confined spaces.
            1. Perform general maintenance on vehicles and equipment.
            2. Operate extricating and rescue equipment.
              1. When trained to do so perform emergency medical treatment as needed.
              2. Perform other related work as required.




  1. Make 50% of calls and drills - make 8 out of 12 regular meetings.
  2. Within probationary years - the start and completion of state required Firefighter training courses.
    1. Other related training as specified by the department.
      1. Must be capable of passing a department physical examination (description of physical exam can be reviewed at a Medical Clinic).
      2. "Beards" (facial hair below the upper lip) will not be allowed to be worn by those participating in a Firefighter training course.
      3. Firefighters will be allowed to wear a beard only if he elects not to be an interior firefighter and will not be permitted to wear an S.C.B.A. (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus).

Contact :

The Granite Falls Fire Department is now taking applications for


                                                VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS


Applicants must be 18 years old, have high school diploma or GED, and willing to maintain a required minimum attendance and training in the first two years of service.


Applications can be picked up at the Granite Falls City Hall Office or online at 

Applications must be received at the City Hall Office by May 31st.


Deadline for Applying : May 31, 2018

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