Roebling Bridge

Granite Falls Bridge Lighting Policy
Lighting of the Granite Falls Walking Bridge promotes the City, State and Federal holidays, and other public events of community significance. The City of Granite Falls may accept community request for special lighting to recognize a specific cause or to commemorate or enhance a specific event consistent with this purpose. Specifically excluded would be lighting to celebrate birthdays, personal anniversaries, or events that are primarily private in nature.

Application Process:
All requests must be submitted in writing, along with contact information for the organization or individual. Request must also include a description of the event, date of the event, and color of lighting requested. Request should be submitted with enough time to present to council before the event is scheduled. The City Manager and Mayor may waive this requirement in instances where a notice is not practical.

Granite Falls’ historic footbridge was built in 1935 under license from the Roebling Company—the firm famous for designing the Brooklyn Bridge. Years of service and floodwaters had taken its toll on the 280-foot suspension bridge. Preservation work included replacing deteriorated steel members, raising the east end of the bridge deck six feet, and strengthening the river piers. A new east approach ramp, additional concrete deck panels, and a fresh coat of paint rounded out the restoration project. 

Application for Special Lighting

Bridge Lighting Calendar Dates 2019


  • 21th Martin Luther King Day- Red, White, Blue


  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Super Bowl
  • 14th Valentine’s Day – Pink/Red
  • 18th Presidents day – Red, White,


  • 17th St Patrick’s Day- Green, Gold


  • 2nd World Autism Awareness Day- Blue
  • 26th Arbor Day – Green


  • 5th Cinco De Mayo
  • 12th Mother’s Day – Pink
  • 15th Law Enforcement Memorial Day – Blue
  • 27th Memorial Day – Red, White, Blue


  • 14th Flag Day- Red, White, Blue
  • 16th Father’s Day- Light Blue
  • Western Fest- Blue


  • 4th- Independence Day – Red, White, Blue



  • Labor Day- Red, White, Blue


  • 1st-10th Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Pink
  • 31st Halloween- Orange


  • 11th Veterans Day- Red, White, Blue
  • 28thThanksgiving


  • 24th, 25th Christmas- Red, Green