Granite Falls City Administration

City Administration supports the City of Granite Falls' core services and acts as a liaison to the City Council. Administration includes the City Manager, Crystal Johnson, and the City Clerk, Christine Kleven. Amongst other duties, their responsibilities include:

  • Support, enhancement, compliance, and implementation of City Council policy.
  • Employment and labor relations.
  • Maintaining official city records, including city code and public meetings.
  • Public relations
  • Ensuring cohesion between all departments.
City Manager

Granite Falls City Manager, Crystal Johnson, joined the City in August of 2016.

Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer in the City of Granite Falls. The Manager is responsible for day-to-day oversight of city operations, providing direction for all city departments regarding the policies and goals established by the City Council, handling citizen inquires, and acting as liaison to the Mayor and City Council.