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Granite Falls Police Department
"Guardians By Choice, Hero's By Chance"
2018 Interceptor

About Us:

The Granite Falls Police Department proudly serves the community and residents of Granite Falls Minnesota, which is located on the Minnesota River Valley in West Central Minnesota. The department consists of six full-time sworn officers, including a chief of police, an assistant chief of police, three patrolman, a full-time school resource officer, and one civilian administrative assistant.  Our office is located inside the Yellow Medicine County Justice Center located at 415 9th Avenue, Granite Falls MN 56241.  If you would like to report a non-emergency crime, contact an officer, or contact a member of our support staff, please call the police department at (320) 564-2129, or navigate to the left side of our "About Us" page and each of our officers contact information is listed there.  

Questions, concerns or complaints regarding the Police Department may be directed to Police Chief Brian Struffert at (320) 313-3124 or by email at bstruffert@granitefallspolice.com. 

Additionally, located in the "Other Links" section are numerous links to other helpful resources such as helpful scam and fraud information, The Yellow Medicine Jail In-Custody List, The Chippewa County Jail In-Custody List, Crime Stoppers MN, National Crime Prevention Association information, and a link to our local news paper, The Advocate Tribune. 

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Mission Statement:

"It is the mission of the Granite Falls Police Department to protect the rights and integrity of all persons without prejudice or bias against race, religion, ethnic and national origin or sexual orientation within its jurisdiction; to safeguard the diversities of our communities and its citizens, to be free from criminal attack, threats of violence and persecution, secure in their possessions, and vigilant that together we can enjoy peace and harmony."

Help protect yourself from common methods of scams and fraud.  Please check out the link below for helpful information on how to identify potential scams and resources available if you fall victim.  

Valuable Scam and Fraud Information