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Public Utilities
City of Granite Falls Municipal Electric Rates

Listed below are Granite Falls' current municipal electric rates. Please note that these rates are subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the City's Finance Department. 

   Monthly Availability Charge  $13.50
   Per KWH**  $  0.1060
 Commercial, Single Phase   
   Monthly Availability Charge  $18.00
   Per KWH**  $  0.1120
 Commercial, Three Phase 0-299 KW   
   Monthly Availability Charge  $50.00
   Per KWH**  $  0.0570
   Per KW Demand  $15.25
 Security Light  shared services are divided by    $ 6.40
   amount of customers  
 Power Cost Adjustment Base  Yearly Average $.02 per KWH  varies monthly
  • **Plus Power Cost Adjustment



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Questions? Contact City Hall's Finance Department. 
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