Connect to City Utilities

Connecting to City Utilities

New to the area or simply moving to a different home? Use the information below to find out how to connect and disconnect from utilities.

In order to connect to city utilities, you will need to stop by City Hall with the following information:

  1. Address of home/apartment you are moving into
  2. The date services are to be provided
  3. A completed Application Form
  4. A copy of your current drivers license
Every building/property that is connected to utilities is required to pay a deposit ($50.00- Electric, $25.00- Water, $25.00- Sewer). You may pay at City Hall via credit card, check, or cash. Upon disconnection, you will receive the appropriate amount of deposit back. 

If simply moving within Granite Falls, you must still come in and set up a disconnect date for the home/apartment you are moving out of and a connect date for the home/apartment you are moving into. 

Please note: if you are planning on moving out of Granite Falls, you must stop by City Hall and set up a cut off date. Failure to do so, may result in the accrual of extra utility charges.