Part Time Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

JOB TITLE: Part Time Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

HOURS: 3-4 hrs./day Alternating Weekends and Holidays

DEPARTMENT: Wastewater System

JOB SUMMARY: Routine duties related to the daily operation/maintenance of City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

JOB DUTIES: Including but not limited to: record daily flows, record daily chlorine and sulfur diox­ide readings, collect and record data on influent & effluent samples. Transfer solids from SBR tanks to digester, check headworks and lift stations, check air compressors and blowers, clean bar screens, check heaters, shovel snow, mow grass, wash down areas as needed and light Housekeeping. Other duties as required.                     

JOB SPECIFICATIONS:  Valid Driver’s License.  

             Education:  High School or GED

             Experience:   Ability to Understand the Treatment Process Basic Chemistry & Basic Math Skills

              Physical Qualifications: Occasionally exertion of force in excess of 50 and/or up to 100 pounds to move objects or equipment accessories is required.  Must be able to exert 20-50 pounds of
                         force frequently to move objects. Must be able to climb ladders in excess of 40 feet and descend into and work inside confined spaces.

             Working Conditions: Most work is performed in a field environment involving working inside and outside.  Seasonal conditions can include heat or cold.  Conditions can include working in wet,
                         muddy, slippery or dusty and windy conditions.  At these times there may be intermittent exposure to conditions that require safety protocols.  Some assignments involve exposure to odors
                         and gases, such as from solid waste or untreated sewage. There is considerable attention to detail when handling equipment in tight quarters or around people.

SUPERVISORS: Wastewater Dept. Supt., Plant Operator.

WAGE: $14.11 to $16.00 depending on qualifications.