REMINDER:  the City Ordinance requires sump pumps to be discharged outside March 1st to October 1st each year.  Please make sure your sump pump is not discharging into the sanitary sewer.

Too Much Water

Unfortunately, like many other communities, Granite Falls has a concern with inflow and infiltration (I&I). I&I is ground and surface water that enters the sanitary sewer system.  This water can enter the system due to a number of reasons.  These can include very old service lines, cracks in main and lateral lines, and tree root intrusion through joints and breaks.

Surface water can also enter the sanitary system through cross-connections.  This is a connection between the sanitary and storm water system in which rain water entering the storm system can be diverted from the storm system to the sanitary system.  This was a common practice in older parts of some communities and is no longer allowed.  Another contributor of excess water is illegally connected sump pumps.

The City has been diligent about locating and eliminating I&I wherever possible. Excess water causes unnecessary stress on the wastewater treatment facility which results in increased operational costs.  To reduce excess I&I we urge residents not to discharge sump pumps into your home drains.  Discharging sump pumps outside is one way we can reduce the amount of water reaching the wastewater plant.

If your sump pump is not being discharged outside, please do so and help keep increased operational costs and the possibility of basement back-ups to a minimum.  The City of Granite Falls appreciates your assistance on this matter.