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Description :

City of Granite Falls


Job Title:  Public Works Person


Status:  Full-time regular position


Benefits:Qualifies for full-time benefits


Location:Public Works Building


Hours:  Standard business hours (7am-4pm), may vary based on business need


Reporting Relationship:Reports toPublic Works Director



Position Details: Public Works Person engages in street, sewer, water, dike and building maintenance and construction projects. 

1)   Maintain street surfaces: patching, blading, filling including parking lots, alleys, park roads, cemetery roads and gravel roads inside the city limits. 

2)   Maintain storm sewers: cleaning, repair, construction and maintenance, including the open ditches. 

3)   Responsible for snow and ice removal: plow snow, shovel city sidewalks and at times private sidewalks that don't get cleared. Sand streets and sidewalks as required. 

4)   Responsible for sweeping streets and disposing of the materials that are swept up. This usually amounts to over 600 cubic yards per year. Picking the litter off main street sidewalks. Picking up dead animals, glass, boards and other harmful trash that people leave in the streets. 

5)   Responsible for sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs.  

6)   Unload chemicals at the Water Plant and help with maintenance and repairs. 

7)   Unload chemicals at the Disposal Plant and help with maintenance and repairs

8)   Responsible for electrical production: erect and maintain the splash-boards, other maintenance to the dam and reservoir, help with the maintenance of the hydro generators, remove driftwood, logs and other trash that lodges in the reservoir. 

9)   Maintenance of the river banks, cut trees and growth, remove drift materials left by high water and assist with preventative flood control maintenance.  

10)Maintain and repair sanitary sewer main lines, flush and jet main lines, pump sewers at times of excess flows and install sewer taps.  

11)Maintain water distribution: flush the distribution system and fire hydrants, install water taps, install water mains, valves and hydrants, locate and repair water leaks and curb service boxes and exercise control valves. 

12)Assist with maintenance operations of Kilowatt Community Center if requested.

13)Maintain parks.

14)Maintain cemetery road, fill, blade and mow. 

15)Responsible for weed eradication: operate the tractor-mower, weed whip, small mowers, cut thistles and brush, mow and clean up vacant lots within the city and spray herbicides for some control areas. 

16)Maintain recreation/playground/rinks courts and surrounding buildings, structures, fences and equipment. 

While these areas are the primary focus of the position, we believe strongly in teamwork and employees will be called upon to perform a variety of duties as a part of their role with the City.


Position Requirements


Education: High School Diploma or GED


Requirements: Must have Commercial Driver’s License, Class B with tanker and air brake endorsements


Work Experience: 1 years of work experience in related fields: public works, carpentry or masonry trades.

Physical and Mental Requirements: Occasionally exertion of force in excess of 50 and/or up to 100 pounds to move objects or equipment accessories is required.  Must be able to exert 20-50 pounds of force frequently to move objects. Must be able to climb ladders in excess of 120 feet and descend into and work inside confined spaces.


Working Conditions:  Most work is performed in a field environment involving working inside and outside of vehicles and in confined spaces.  Seasonal conditions can include excessive heat or cold.  Conditions can include working in wet, muddy, slippery or dusty and windy conditions.  At these times there may be intermittent exposure to very disagreeable working conditions. 


Contact :




The City of Granite Falls is accepting applications for the position of a Public Works Person.  This person should have experience in carpentry, masonry, and light equipment operation.  Must have or be able to obtain a CDL Class B MN driver’s license and a tanker and air endorsement. Work will include street and park maintenance, storm sewer, sanitary sewer collection systems, water distribution, snow plowing, and more.  Salary range is: $18.59Hr. - $24.16Hr. depending on qualifications.  Applications are due May 2, 2018 by 4:30 p.m.  The application and job description are available at the Office of the City Clerk. Applications should be mailed to Attention Crystal Johnson, 641 Prentice Street, Granite Falls, MN 56241.

Deadline for Applying : May 2, 2018

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